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It seems as if Brittany reaffirming their friendship hurts her, because she doesn't want to be just "best friends. Sexy brazilian girl porn. Later in the episode, Brittany tells Kurt that she is a "bi-corn"; implying Brittany has come out as a bisexual. Santana looks sad when she looks around at all the happy couples. During I'm the Only One, they are shown sitting together and there is a little interaction between them towards the end of the performance, Brittany tells Santana something.

Santana looks mildly worried and confused before she corrects it and suggests a hair cut, to which Brittany agrees. Brittany s hall nude. After all, actions speaks louder than words. When the results are coming in whether they got 1st or 3rd, you see Brittany and Santana holding hands in the back.

Cat Run 2 was filmed in New Orleans. But I'm afraid of the talks and the looks. When the posted cast list for West Side Story shows that Santana got the role of Anitashe is happy and Brittany is right next to her smiling. Monalisa chinda nude. They are sitting together in the choir room after the food fight. They are both in the choir room at the end of the episode, listening attentively to Will Schuester's farewell speech. Brittany refuses to leave, and she says being left behind sucks.

Brittany looks to Artie during this line with serious, pleading face and Artie is looking confused at April. Santana does a body shot off Brittany's stomach and then they fall over laughing. They are sitting together in the auditorium with the others talking to Sunshine Corazon.

Angry because I have all these feelings Brittany takes this seriously, and looks determined to help Santana get to her dream of fame. Sue is saying that's she's disappointed. I can't break up with him. She is shown in the choir room accepting the role and the whole time Brittany is seen smiling at Santana and when Joe Hart question Santana about why she is back, Brittany shuts him down saying that "The important thing is that she is here, so the show can go on.

Not in the fact she wants to be famous, but that she doesn't care how. They are standing by each other after to the performance while Mr. When Rachel is announcing the anti-prom, Santana says she just wants to go to prom with her girlfriend and points to Brittany behind her. Brunette nude milf. Brittany is seen cheering when Santana is called up to the stage with the other nominees. You are like the awesomest girl at this school.

At the end of the performance Santana is saying something to Brittany. During the following food fight Santana can be heard screeching Brittany's name. Mercedes tells Santana to stop fighting with Finn and focus on their group. Brittany starts to yawn and Santana asks if she is okay. During the song, they are seen placing their heads on top of each other embracing the song and then linking pinkies and giving each other a peck.

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He's just a stupid boy! She's so gullible that I could convince her that my royal decree had made her being with me the law of the land.

She tells them that they are wrong and that they should not joke about domestic violence. Why would you try to hide any of that? Brittany replies that it is a club, not a class and she tells Santana that she should come to it tomorrow. Euro big tits porn. Clearly you don't love you as much as I do or you would put the shirt on and dance with me. They are seen walking in with the rest of the The Troubletones and offer New Directions a contingency plan.

Later on they are in the bathroom and Santana is helping Brittany with her make-up. Legend has it when I came out of my mother I told the nurse she was fat. Brittany, smiling, says, "Come on. Santana is looking over at her lovingly. They are sitting together in the choir room talking when Mr.

Julian's family resides in New Orleans where the pair find residence until the contest. Brittany s hall nude. Anthony and Julian win the cooking contest and returns to New York City. Hot black lesbians scissoring. Brittany asks her if she is nervous about singing. I mean, you know what happened to Kurt at this school. Brittany and Santana are seen walking in the Lima Bean together and Brittany is standing behind Santana while talking to Sebastian.

Santana goes to apologize to Finn but only insults him even more. In the choir room they perform Landslide with Ms. Later Joe accepts Santana's request for a song to be sung dedicated to Brittany saying "love is love man. This relationship is really confusing for me. When visiting Kurt and Rachel in New York, Santana tells Kurt that she can't return to Lima while Brittany is there, since their break-up is very recent.

Then they tell each other they both love one another so much. Tatiana contacts her handler, Dragnovic Lawrence P. Chubby ass cum. Brittany starts singing I Wanna Dance With Somebody Who Loves MeSantana can be seen laughing, clapping and cheering and is shown to be thoroughly into the performance.

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They remain in good terms though. Santana said to Brittany "You are my best friend" and calls her a "genius" again. Santana does a little dance, which looked similar to a bunny hop or referred to by some as a penguin, towards Brittany and they both are all smiles. Santana taps Brittany's legs to get her to hold her hand when Quinn says she wants them to all be able to look back and remember this as the best time of their lives.

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Nude toilet pics Shuester said that their partners would be left up to fate.
Beauty natural tits When Brittany explains her reasons for not wanting to do Britney Spears, Kurt protests but Santana snaps at him, even though she seemed just as excited to do Britney Spears as the others, and tells him to leave Brittany alone.
Big ass porn xxxx Santana is left standing in the hall looking upset. After the song ends Santana updates them by telling them that she told her parents and they seem to be accepting, but she still needs to tell her abuela. I'm a closet lesbian and a judgmental bitch which means one thing I have awesome gaydar.
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